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It is never too late to get healthier   

Primary Focus of this Website

My recent success in reversing diabetes and insulin resistance in less than five months at age 75 prompted me to create a YouTube Channel dedicated to sharing what I have learned about diabetes, insulin resistance, nutrition, and longevity. is dedicated to the pursuit of vibrant health through education and lifestyle.  The approach is easy to understand and follow.

This website was created to accompany and enhance my YouTube Channel — MoreAlive@75.

It is primarily a collection of links to so that my viewers can find the exact products I use in my videos.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Did you know:

Insulin Resistance is the root cause of numerous diseases — not just Diabetes.

70% of Adults in the US have some degree of Insulin Resistance.

Insulin is a hormone that determines whether our bodies use sugar for energy or store it as fat.

Our microbiome is about 4 pounds of bacteria, protozoa, enzymes, and viruses in our gut.

Our Microbiome is more unique than our finger prints and is responsible for converting food to energy.

Because it is so unique, we can't make any generalizations about how our bodies treat food.

This is why diets don't work for everyone and a healthy lifestyle isn't always enough.

My recently acquired understanding of the relationship of Insulin Resistance and the Microbiome led me to a strategy of Fasting and a Ketogenic Diet to reverse Diabetes.

After 3 years as a diabetic and more than 10 years as pre-diabetic, I reversed diabetes in less than 5 months at age 75.  I also lost 40 pounds, took 5 inches off my waist, significantly improved my cholesterol ratios, and eliminated inflammation from my body.  My fasting glucose dropped from 150 to less than 100 and my eyes were totally healed from the diabetic damage discovered a year earlier.  The greatest surprise is, I am no longer Insulin Resistant and am, in fact, Insulin Sensitive.  This exceeded my own expectations.

The best thing of all is these changes were far easier to accomplish than you might think.

I created my YouTube Channel for the purpose of sharing what I have learned about these topics and many more.

If you are curious, check out MoreAlive@75 

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